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I also said that I had never used drugs in my life and that day, that I had seen the friend throw the package, but I could not say it, the package was not mine. No analysis was made and we were released after our statements. When I asked a police officer I know, he said that notification will not come to you, but to your friend. I wonder if a lawsuit is filed on my behalf? Or if not, would the judge call me as a suspect or witness? What are my chances of getting acquitted from the case? Thanks for your answer.

I used cannabis, but I used cannabis and took it to the hospital as of the date I wrote above. okay.I do not have a record, teacher, I will get a penalty.

There were conversations about how much I will get in the correspondence. There are only correspondences. There is no cannabis capture or something on me. If it goes out, it would be okay. I have no record of recording, my teacher, I will be punished.

Hello, my wife, along with her 5 friends, was arrested on the way back from the city, and she was arrested with an operation on her way back from the city, and she was released with the control condition called 3 u from her friends next to her, and another person was arrested with my husband, and that friend who had a small amount of drugs on the arrested person said 200 He claimed that he received it from my wife in exchange for TL and my wife also received 200 TL, but my wife is not normally a seller, but a drug addict has already been under investigation.

I was treated at my uncle 20 years ago. If I apply for government job, it would cause me a problem in the security investigation.

Hello, 21 years ago I was involved in a wounding incident, the court gave 1 year imprisonment and it turned to a fine.

Good day, my brother, my brother was caught in his home a few months ago on the grounds that he was a drug dealer with 40gr drugs, there is a phone message and 3 witness evidence that he gave drugs to someone in exchange for 100 TL.He has been in prison for 2 months and he was married and new father, what should be done at the hearing. There is no record in your registry before, thank you.

The first was caught with drugs; the person who completes the inspection without any problems; Two days after the inspection finished; He was again caught with 2.5 g of drug on it. Blood and urine are clean. Because his control is over and he has a car; brought to galiana by his friends; Nothing will happen to you because they said, “Your control is over, will you buy it for us?” during the police search, they delivered it immediately. What will be the result in the court; what is the probability

Hello, my brother was using the drug called suboxone and the person he gave the drug to drink heroin was being followed by the police, of course, my brother was being followed by the police and as a result of listening to the technical follow-up tape, my brother took it with an operation and the court gave an arrest and I did not sell for money, I did not trade for money. I did not know that it was a crime, wanted to benefit from effective regret, the court decided to arrest him. suboxone A drug given by the state.

Hello, I have a cannabis and 2 extazy pills on me. They took my statement and gave it away. I have never had a police station before. My criminal record is clean. What happens to the court? Can I enlighten me? Thank you.

Hello, I bought 20 TL of marijuana two days ago and when the plainclothes police stopped the search, they said take it out yourself, if you do not cause any difficulties, they said that it would not be a big problem.I handed over it with my own hand.I was caught for the first time at the police station, they signed 4 5 pieces of paper.

Hello, while my wife was driving a pirate taxi, a customer gave a package to take to the address, but my wife did not know, that man was pursuing him and said that he was a taxi driver and the item was mine.

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