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Monte Carlo, one of the most important cities of Monaco, appears as a special address where the heart of entertainment beats and casinos are densely located. It is one of the richest cities in the world and the number of casinos is also quite high. In addition to tourists, many famous figures who prefer this city only to gamble have a big share in the promotion and popularization of the city.

In 1862, the first casino was established by Charles III. The main reason for the establishment of this casino is to make a strong contribution to the economy of the city and to make it permanent. This is the main reason the city is called the casino paradise. After that day, the number of casinos has increased and the city has become today. Monte Carlo, which became more colorful with the visits of important names in addition to the festivals and entertainment organized in the summer months, survives with tourism and casino revenues. The most important source of wealth in the city is the casinos. During the summer months, the occupancy rate of casinos is doubling compared to the normal season.

Monte Carlo, which is described as the city that lives every moment of 24 hours to the full and does not sleep, manages to have an enthusiastic identity with its nightlife. The clubs of the hotels and the casinos keep their lights on until the early hours of the morning. Here, you can gamble, sip your drinks and dance. Karement, Black Legend, and Casino De Monte Carlo are some of the city’s major entertainment centers.

You can reach the city center by using the buses serving within Airport Express and you can get on the Monte Carlo buses departing from here. There is no direct bus transportation from the airport to the city of Monte Carlo.

You can also visit the train station, which is within walking distance of the terminal building, and choose trains to reach the city center and different points. Besides being economical as well as being comfortable vehicles, trains are more popular and preferred.

You can reach Monte Carlo city center directly by paying 75 Euros. Taxis are one of the most preferred means of transportation for visitors who want to go to Monte Carlo. You can also use a taxi to reach the city center directly without any transfer. Taxis serve around the clock, and it would be in your favor to stay away from pirate taxis to pay more favorable rates.

There are also companies where you can rent a motor at the airport. The distance between the airport and Monte Carlo city center is 30 km, making it possible to transport by motor. You can also get a motor rental service for a pleasant and extreme journey.

You can also reach the offices of car rental companies serving at the airport in Monte Carlo. If you wish, you can reach the city center of Monte Carlo with the cars you can rent from Nice airport and deliver the vehicles you have taken to the car rental offices in the city center after the trip.

One of the alternatives preferred by visitors who want to reach Monte Carlo directly is helicopter transportation. A new flight is organized every 15 minutes and the price you will pay per person is 110 TL. Prices may vary depending on the season, and you can access up-to-date price information via the airport contact numbers. You can reach Monte Carlo city center in a short time like 10 minutes on average., Akdeniz Pe-tour Turizm Tic. A.S. is a travel agency registered with Türsab A1679 document number on its behalf, holding A class certificate.

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