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Thirsty explanation can say the time of the solar eclipse, how a satellite will be seated in the Earth’s orbit. But none of these explanations “Why are scientific laws instead of chaos?” is not the answer to the question. From the scientific statements, the Earth and the other planets are why they moved within the framework of shooting power laws, we cannot reply why these laws exist.

The presence of scientific laws and all parts of the universe and all over the different time periods require an explanation. Science does not get to do this description. Science is interested in finding the laws, not why the laws exist. The presence of these laws that make the science possible. If the universe was chaos; Shooting power, thermodynamic laws, no motion laws. In short, science would not be, science is not possible without the presence of scientific laws. If these laws have not existed, it could not be the universe, but even if you agree that such a universe has existed, everything would have been more understandable than dreams in this universe. It depends on the causality of our universe (to science laws), causality is the assurance of the mind. The cause of the reason that unable to establish the consequence relationships is even more confused than the newborn baby (even in the baby’s mind has a category of congenital causality). The fact that our house and things are not at a time, when we sit at the atoms of our body, the fact that the chair atoms of our body is not interfered with the atoms of the chair, and when we step forward, the feeding and presence of our body is always processing the scientific rules. The design of our mind in the ability to understand these rules has enabled us to be a friendly living.

As Swinburne said, all the coins in an archaeological field have the same sign or all the documents in a room are written with the same handwriting, we search for a common source description. The law that acts all over the universe must also have an explanation. The presence of God also explains the existence of these scientific laws.

With the Big Bang, we have seen that the creation of the universe has taken us to the conclusion that God has existed. Then we have seen that God’s presence will be evident from the critical values ​​and the Earth’s exhibition of the Earth. Now that the existence of the scientific laws in the universe requires a design of the existence of the existence of God and the presence of God has scientific law instead of chaos. ” We see that the question cannot be answered. In other words, we see that the presence of God from the operation of scientific laws, then the operation of scientific laws, then the operation of scientific laws. Although it is possible to write much longer on the presence and design of scientific laws, I am enough to avoid exceeding the contemplated volume of this book. Because the creation of the universe is created, the creation of scientific laws and the operation of these laws are likely to handle them together, but it is also possible to separate them, as it is possible to evolve the presence of God separately separately from each of them.

The “design evidence” shows that critical values ​​are always selected from the beginning of the process starting with Big Bang.

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