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I stated that he preferred the second hand because of the price margin, he reported that firms can secure the year-end sales figures and to melt their accumulated stocks at the end of the year at the end of the year. It has not found that the Ramadan Feast has no effect on sales as said, the burn, the biggest factor of the biggest factor in second-hand cars, noted that they are not in great expectation prior to the approaching victim. (AA)

Iraqi Kurdish Regional Management (IKBY), production surplus oil took its project to the storage project in the sea through tankers until it comes to the sales stage.

Ankara – Birthday – The IKBY planning to 2nd of daily oil production is evaluating different projects in storage of petroleum due to the difficulties in finding the buyer. In addition to increasing the warehouse capacity in Ceyhan, the projects are also stored in the sea through tankers. Political Risk Research and Consultancy Company in London, the Middle East of Eurasia Group and North African Director Ayham Kamel, AA Reporter, production surplus is the most realistic option of storage of northern Iraq oil in tankers. Kamel, who stated that the Kurdish management is less option in the hand, has also reported that the storage capacity in Ceyhan will be another option. Kamel said, “This method would be a choice as well as high cost as it can’t solve the problem quickly.” Kamel said that the alternative solution for Kurdish management is to lower oil production capacity. President of the Carduchi Energy Consultancy Company in London, Shwan Zulal wants to sell IKBY’s oil but is uneasy because of the legal objection of the Baghdad in this topic of IKBY, “Buyers are hesitant to store oil in tankers. Until markets become more eager This could be an option “he said. crude oil begin to transfer to Turkey of the pipeline in May it produced by ıkby’n and after leaving the international market through oil Ceyhan, the Baghdad government said buyers moving to international arbitration was confronted with the threat of legal sanctions. (AA)

Ankara – Peace Robust – News Analysis – More than 25 percent of the people in Iraq, among the countries with the world’s largest oil reserves, live below the poverty line. 20 billion tons of proven oil reserves and 3 million barrels of crude oil production capacity and energy rich in Iraq, increasing political instability and experienced sectarian conflicts after American occupation negatively affect the economic growth and income distribution of the country. More than 25 percent of the country’s population has less than $ 2.5 per day and cannot reach basic needs. In Iraq, children’s death rates are high due to lack of infrastructure and health services. Iraq is trying to exceed the political instability and management weak in which the country in 2003 after the occupation. The President Fuad Innocent, the Old Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri El-Maliki has gave the new government to establish the new government to Haydar Al-İlbadi.

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