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It got longer when I said clean, dirty, and again, dirty and never went to court in my 6-week program. Does it pay a penalty? Thanks in advance

The purpose of their submissions is to understand whether they are drinking anyway. After a while, to send the files to the court because this person is still drinking !! according to the law for the first time, my ametem and probation and then the person who is still a drinker is sentenced to prison, the law says like that !!

Hello, I was caught by civil servants with three synthetic pills on it, I have never had such a thing before I have no criminal record related to drugs I was released and I told the house that I bought it for use, I was told that the paper will come to the house and apart from this incident 9 years ago, it was mixed 9 I was sentenced to 4 months and 15 days of imprisonment and I served this sentence and I was given probation for a year. I finished it 1 year ago, will this injury be related to the drug I caught, will my execution be burned, please enlighten

Hello, of course. Normally, if you did not have a criminal record, you would get probation while you were at the prosecutor’s office, but now it is possible that you cannot get probation.

Ayhan Bey, the same incident happened to me yesterday, I got plainclothes police officers caught pills and was released after my statement was taken.I have a criminal record before, but it is not a drug crime, I want to find out what the decision was made in this process, I would be glad if you answer.

Hello, Mr. Attorney, I have a question for you, how long does the treatment process take on probation as a drinker and does this happen every day?

In 2015, someone who was followed by the police got into my brother’s car, 200 meters later, the police turned and the child was covered with a substance. With the report he gave, my brother had a suboxone on him, when he showed his report, they arrest the other child, he was told that he should go to the court as a witness with the police once with the police invitation once by message.However, my brother could not go to the court as a witness in all three courts, now our fear is a witness but he cannot come in a different province. what kind of sanction to my brother (my brother worked in a big company in the years of the incident)

Hello, while a witness, you cannot be accused unless someone reports them. Even if your brother sends an excuse petition, he can be heard in the province he is in, in case he cannot attend the hearings he cannot attend.

Hello, my nephew. My nephew was friends with a child at the age of 16 when he was 18, that child used my nephew twice, said that his father was his ex-partner, and asked him to bring the 100 liras he would receive in return for the goods he took twice is a police officer, but his record was clear before because of these works. He did not go to the police station or in any way and there is a court soon in prison as a prisoner. What will be the result?

Hello, I was caught 2 weeks ago in my cigarette package at the workplace with an incredibly few bonzai on the end and my manager at the workplace dismissed me and threatened me to give me to the police when I was supposed to get compensation, and I had to sign it, I was afraid I don’t want to trash my 4-year labor and I think to file a lawsuit But you have fears about this cigarette still in hand, what harm they can do to me with this please help me

Hello, if the employer caught the employee with drugs in the workplace, he will have the right to terminate the employment contract with a just cause.

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