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Rent Unity Rv From Leisure Van

And while the vintage bus renovation from the chassis up sounded like a fun project, renovations can get complicated and the unknown costs can spiral quickly out of control. Recently, I found a few concepts coming out of Europe where small-scale living and hitting the road have long been culturally encouraged, but they were just that—concepts, at least for the time being. Canada’s Leisure Travel Vans continues to build out its line of spacious, efficiently packaged Type C motorhomes with its first all-wheel drive offering ever. Taking advantage of the newly added AWD option on the 2020 Ford Transit, Leisure pulls the homey rear lounge layout over from its Sprinter-based Unity, offering a spacious flex bedroom with stowaway Murphy bed and L-shaped sofa. The 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge also packs the latest in driving tech and smart home features. Inside the compact Wonder, an innovative dual-zone floorplan features a spacious rear living area that emulates the comforts of home while being surrounded by nature.

There is no shortage of quality components and elegant living in a Leisure Travel Van. With superior fuel mileage, practicality and comfort, it is quick to see the benefits of owning a new Class B motorhome. Browse through the Leisure Travel Vans available at La Mesa RV and you’ll fall in love with them in no time. Like the Island Bed floor plan, the Twin Bed has pass-through storage and the chaise lounge.

“Over time, our goal is for the Wendlands to have the opportunity to travel in a variety of our models and floorplans so that they can compare them, answer questions from customers and provide valuable feedback,” said Elias. WINKLER, Manitoba — Leisure Travel Vans is teaming up with Mike and Jennifer Wendland to promote the RV lifestyle and the freedom to explore, the company announced today. This unity bed room has a queen size murphy bed that folds down over the back seating area. The all-new Dometic IoT Solution allows users to control and monitor their RV’s components with the touch of their finger. View multiple functions at the same time via the flexibility of Dometic’s modular screen design. RVers can even customize comfort controls as well as set scenes that can run multiple tasks at once.

The expandable table can be used in the rear lounge or up at the front of the camper, where vis-a-vis side bench seats are joined by swiveling driver-area captain’s chairs to seat four. A second TV hanging on the kitchen wall provides a viewing option from this position. The lounge has been reconfigured for its new home, the side of the sectional couch pulled over to the driver side, the near floor-to-ceiling double window moved over to the passenger side. The footrests have a squarer shape, turning two of the sofa seats facing the TV with soundbar into proper recliners. At night, the 58 x 74-in (147 x 188-cm) bed folds down from the rear wall to sleep the two occupants aboard. The toilet room serves as the front wall, so with the exception of the occasional trip to the kitchen a couple feet farther forward, campers can essentially hunker down in this rear space for days on end.

That same year, Enns enlisted his two son-in-laws, Peter Elias and Phil Enns and together they manufactured their first travel trailer under their newly incorporated brand, Triple E. The company was a nod to all of their last names. While all of these options have upsides they also have major compromises like terrible fuel economy , living without a full bathroom , or having to buy an expensive diesel pick-up truck just to tow your “house” around. From a mobility standpoint a lot of the mobile real estate options also aren’t that mobile at all. Large RVs can’t drive down a switchback mountain road nor can you park them in cities like Manhattan or San Francisco without a special permit.

The Wonder Rear Lounge isn’t just powerful, it also offers a spacious interior with a unique dual-zone floorplan. The really special part is in the back where the lounge area has a window that runs nearly from floor to ceiling. During the day occupants can sit on a sectional sofa, and a murphy bed measuring 58 inches by 74 inches folds down at night. A touch screen control panel is conveniently located in the rear lounge. Users can monitor the RV’s battery and tank levels, adjust the lights and room temperature, and turn the water pump on or off without moving from the comfort of the sectional or Murphy bed.

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