What the heck is Open-air Excitement?

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Lincoln expects strong valuations going forward and an active M&A market for companies surrounding outdoor recreation. For example, several public companies focused on outdoor recreation have returned to or exceeded pre-COVID EV / EBITDA valuation levels, including Lululemon, Shimano, Johnson Outdoors, Yeti Holdings, Clarus Corporation and Polaris. Outdoor physical activity is directly associated with improved outcomes for cardio vascular health, obesity, stress-related illness and mental health. Outdoor recreation is easy to access for all, as there are many types of activities to suit interests, abilities and environments. There are social benefits to completing outdoor recreation activities with clubs, and up skilling with providers.

This concentration focuses on the essential skills and practical experience needed to become competent and confident outdoor adventure leaders. Students will be prepared to make sound decisions and demonstrate effective risk management in a variety of outdoor environments. Students in this concentration should expect to receive a mixture of both traditional in-class instruction as well as opportunity for a variety of field experiences.

The terms outdoorsman, sportsman, woodsman, or bushman have also been used to describe someone with an affinity for the outdoors. We will focus on personal development, build teamwork, communication, and class culture. Students will be given opportunities to give back to the community through community service activities such as beach clean-up. Watch our videos about outdoor recreation and check out other clips on DEC’s YouTube Channel. Hiking Mount Fuji during the summer climbing season can be fun, rewarding and a great way to experience Japan. It requires little expertise or equipment but a lack of preparation and disregard for simple, yet critical, safety precautions can result in serious injury or death.

The owner or user of the land has the right to expel persons who act inconsiderately or who by improper conduct cause damage or inconvenience to the property or rightful interests. It is not permitted to use sites on cultivated land for picnicking, sunbathing, staying overnight or the like without the permission of the owner or user. For passage on lakes and rivers (open or ice-covered watercourses), the provisions of the Water Resources Act and the Act relating to motor traffic on uncultivated land and in watercourses apply. The county governor may decide that the period when access to cultivated land is unconditionally prohibited pursuant to the first paragraph shall be shorter or longer than the period from 30 April to 14 October for a specific county or parts of a county. Any person is entitled to access to and passage through uncultivated land at all times of year, provided that consideration and due care is shown. Outdoor recreation is more popular than ever (yay!) but more people can equal more poop – and that’s a problem.

Where rural recreation counties rely on public funding for health care, fiscal solutions should diversify the ways local governments can save and spend. It’s time to crank up the adventure on your summer vacation and school breaks! Outdoor Recreation staff will lead a small group of kids on fun, educational adventures each day of the program. Our experienced guides will lead you on snowshoe outings to beautiful destinations.

Keep up to date with outdoor industry news, receive information on opportunities for professional development and grants, check out member advertisements and engage with the outdoor community. Come take Physical Health and Education beyond the walls of the gym and explore the local environment through outdoor challenges and pursuits. This annual event consists of networking, idea sharing, and expert discussions to build and sustain the outdoor recreation industry in Colorado.

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